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Transformers Cake Balls

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Hello! I got a action packed post today……LOL!!  I made these Transformer Mini Cake Delights……aka Cake Balls.  

I have to say that I googled and binged every where to find some inspiration on how to create these.  But didn’t come close to anything to find Transformers Cake Balls or Cake Pop.  So had to put on my baking thinking cap and come up with an idea of my own.

I do have to say that these babies where very time consuming and I had to make sure that they were completely dried.  It’s a good thing I made a whole bunch of the Royal Icing creations because a lot ended up breaking.  I had to peel each individual piece and lay it on top of my 2nd square piece which I’ll show you in a second.

Here I’m piping each little individual piece. Takes about 48 hours to completely dried.  I noticed that the smaller your creations with royal icing the more it becomes fragile!!!


I made a small square out of royal icing and let that dry too before I laid down each littler piece of transformer! Here I was using some Metallic Luster Dust! Boy do I love anything that shines……hahaaha!


And finally, once the transformer designs are all completely dried, I VERY VERY carefully added a little bit of royal icing and adhered it to my metal block.  Believe, its a good thing a I made a lot because they breaking on me!!!  🙄

The blue one is Optimus Prime (The good guy) 🙂  and the red one is Megatron ( the bad guy!)

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