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How I Used Wilton Sea Life Fondant and Gum Paste Mold - Sweet Bakes Of Mine

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Hey there! I have a fun super easy quick tutorial I like to share with you.  I know some of you may know how to use the Wilton Molds but I know out there, like me wondering how in the heck you use those molds.  Well, to all you beginners out there, I will show you how I made my own Fondant/Gumpaste Wilton Mold.  For this particular mold, I used the Sea Life Fondant & Gum Paste Mold here.

To begin, these are the supplies I used to create my gumpaste seaweed shapes.  If you are going to use fondant, I suggest you add some gumpaste powder so it can dry quicker and also the shape can come out really easy or else it will be sticky and break apart easily.

Step 1

In order for your fondant or gumpaste not to stick to your mold, I dust my mold with cornstarch lightly and tap the mold to dust excess off.

Step 2

I roll my fondant/gumpaste flat about 1/8 inch, not to thin and not to thick.

Step 3

I take my flat rolled fondant/gumpaste and put it on top of my silicone mold.  Then roll it flat to the silicone mold.

Step 4

Once you flat your fondant/gumpaste to the silicone mold, I use the end of my rolling pin and just push the fondant/gumpaste into the grooves of the silicone.

Step 5

Then once you pushed your fondant/gumpaste into the grooves of the silicone mold, I use again the end of the rolling pin and push off the excess of fondannt/gumpaste.

Step 6

Keep scraping off the excess, also that’s then the palette knife comes in handy.  Once you have a clean surface on your mold, I let it sit there while.  I let it sit there while I’m rolling another piece of fondant/gumpaste, for my next mold.


Step 7

Flip your silicone mold and gently start to peel it off.  Be careful, some of the branches haven broken off and I had to restart over again!

Step 8 

Gently and slowly keep pulling back.  Sometimes you have to use a tooth pic, because there were areas that my gumpaste did get stuck.

Step 9

Once you peeled off your fondant/gumpaste, I lay my pieces on parchment paper and let it dry.  I work on my piece days in advance, it takes about 3 days to completely dry.

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